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As global leaders in insurance, and risk management experts, we specialise in good value general and commercial insurance products, including marine cargo insurance, as well as expert insurance knowledge and risk management advice.

We believe in long-term partnerships and personal support. That’s why we get to know our clients and their businesses, inside and out, and develop lasting relationships, built on quality, integrity and trust. Our clients know that we are dedicated to protecting their businesses and assets for the future, with outstanding products and ongoing support.

expert insurance knowledge and advice

We are experts in insurance for the shipping and logistics industry, as well as business insurance of all kinds. We also offer personal and speciality insurance to meet the needs of every client. Highly experienced and qualified in risk management, insurance advice and brokerage, we are here to help you find peace of mind in business. .

working in partnership to bring you the best

In 2012 we established a strategic partnership with the AKTIV GROUP, a world renowned global leader in insurance and risk management. This collaboration gives us unparalleled access to the most up to date information, the highest quality support, and the best value products, all of which we pass on to you.

putting you first

Because we get to know you and understand your business, we provide a tailor made solution that covers all your needs. We are also skilled negotiators, and will always go the extra mile to secure the best value products and cover for you and your business.

with you all the way

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, personal advice and support, and creative solutions. On your side from the beginning to the end, we will help you to assess and minimise your risks, provide you with world class, great value insurance coverage, and support you through any claims that arise.


Doing Business With Confidence

There is always risk in business, but it doesn’t mean you just have to hope for the best! From liability and cargo to health and safety, we’re here to help you manage risks the smart way.

Our dedicated risk management specialists will carry out a comprehensive assessment, using cutting edge risk evaluation tools, and provide expert advice to help you avoid or minimise these potential threats. Managing a risk before it turns into a claim also keeps your premiums low.

Expert risk assessments, tailored to you
Education about risk management, and related resources
Personal advice and bespoke solutions

Our innovative solutions are the most practical, actionable and cost-effective way to manage risk and safeguard your business from disaster – now and in the future.


We're happy to discuss your requirements and give you the extra protection you need.

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